Efficient business models for brilliant ideas

You may want to create something that hasn’t been created before, something brand new. Young entrepreneurs, start-ups, freelancers or creative people like artists and designers can sometimes have brilliant, promising ideas. When it comes to building a project, not only should the idea be promising, but the economic front, too. It would be a pity for a good idea to fail only because of its implementation.

Clear your head for the essentials

Together with you, I create efficient business models that set no limits to your creativity, but ensure your economic success. You can rely on me and concentrate on the essentials!

For this I offer you a personal service tailored to your special needs.

Tailored service

  • Foundation consultancy
  • Management consultancy
  • Business planning
  • Project design
  • Quality and process management
  • Operative controlling
  • Accounting (booking of current business transactions)
  • Investment and financing planning
  • Joint ventures

I am happy to help you!

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