Data privacy

Name and adress of the responsible person

Ilker Atasönmez
Sonnenallee 223
Aufgang 1, 5. Etage, bei “Glück Games”
12059 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 255 598 26


Our website doesn’t use cookies for user-tracking, but exclusively for reasons of functionality of the website.


Our website records with every request by a user some general data, which are saved in the logfiles of our server. Among these data are: (a) used browser-type and version (b) operation-system of the user (c) the website, from which the user reaches our website (referrer-website), (d) the subsites, a user requests on our website (e) date and time of the users request (f) IP-adress (g) internet-provider of the user (h) further similar data, which serve to the defense of danger to our systems information-technology. These data are not connected to any specific persons, but are necessary, to guarantee our websites funcionality. The anonym data of the server-log-files are saved seperated from all individual-related data stated by a user.

Contact / Form

In case you use our contact form to get in contact with us, all transferred data are saved for the purpose of handling your inquiry. There will be no dissemination to third party without your permission.


For reasons of safity and tranfer of confidental data this website uses SSL-encryption. You can see this in the browser (changing from „http://“ to „https://“ and showing lock-symbol). This makes sure, that your send data can’t be read by third party.

Right to information, erasure, blocking

At any given time you have the right to get information about the your saved individual-related data and their origin and adressee and the purpose of data processing. Furthermore you have the right to get these data corrected, erased or blocked. You are free to contact us about this or further questions.